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One of our key business objectives is to ensure that customers comply with fruits and vegetables, high quality in terms of freshness, hygiene, organoleptic properties and in accordance with European regulations ethical and environmental.

Quality Control of Product

This control begins in the field, at the farms involved to continue in the factory packaging. The checks are carried out throughout the year and provide an output suitable and meets the technical specification of production of the ministry, but also to supply specifications of the branded products of large-scale distribution. Of great importance proved to be the good working relationship and trust developed over time with the heads of large-scale distribution italian and foreign.

Social and Ethics Responsibility

The action of APAL O.P. seeks to achieve its business considering the respect due to all living beings, therefore:

• does not employ child labor in the production of any product
• does not employ staff did not volunteer
• It makes no discrimination of sex
• guarantees employees a safe and healthy work site
• treat all workers with dignity and respect
• guarantees workers freedom of association
• employs workers based on their job skills
• guarantees workers a wage and working hours in compliance with applicable laws

Environmental Responsibility

To improve the overall quality of the product, APAL OP tip of obtaining the lowest environmental impact, in accordance with the following requirements:

  • preference to raw materials produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture
  • attention to the choice of packaging products (paper, board and film)
  • reduction of emissions and energy savings
  • collection of waste for recycling target it
  • use of alternative energy sources (solar panels)
  • water savings
  • optimization of logistics


The code of ethics is spread through environmental posters in work rooms and meetings with staff.



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